What is the core problem?

These days, terrorism is becoming more and more of a problem. As a whole, terrorism is affecting our rights as citizens in many ways. The airport is a prime example of how terrorism has spread to victimizing citizens and creating a wealth of havoc. But, the question remains, what is the best way to combat terrorism? This question raises many different thoughts and elicits many feelings and emotions.

The easiest way to combat terrorism is to first come to the realization of why terrorism exists in the first place. The reality is that terrorism affects all of us and it is important to get to the core of the problem. It seems that terrorism is a rampant problem that is endangering us as well as our children, and it needs to be stopped as soon as possible. I have found that the easiest way out of any problem is to realize why it is occurring in the first place. Have we done all that we can do to figure out the core of the terrorist problem? Have we asked and consulted with top officials into realizing how we could be responsible for our actions within the terrorism problem.

The first plan of action should be to retrace our steps into realizing why terrorism started in the first place; this will give us the know-how and understanding into how it can be stopped. After we realize why the terrorism is occurring, then we will have a greater understanding of how it can be stopped. The reality of the matter is that people are people. The terrorists are people, just like we are people. We all want the same things and we dislike many of the same things, so what is the core problem? We need to find out any way that we can what the core problem is and that starts with research and studying history. This will give us the insight to move forward and stopping terrorism for good.

Laura R