Ways to Combat Terrorism

Personally I think there are a number of ways to combat terrorism however I think we as a nation are doing all we can. A country needs to move forward regardless of the situations it comes across. When 9-11 occured I was a busy commercial electrician in San Diego California working on a school upgrade. Although the event happened 3000 miles away the impact was instant across the country. Our job was shutdown and many schools were on lockdown or temporarily closed until further notice. Since that time we have spent billions of dollars to fight terrorism and it has become front and center in the countries obligations. I have also seen the fallout from this however and shortly after the attacks our country has suffered an economic nightmare short of a complete collapse. While this may or not be a direct impact of the 9-11 attacks I cant be sure but I am sure it may be one of the deciding factors.

Combating terrorism is a tough job, we can never be fully prepared, however increased security measures at the airports in a major player in keeping our borders safe. I also think we should rethink our comittment to allowing immigrants to freely pass though our borders. While most come to find work and a better life for them and their families, they have not been raised in this country so naturally their ideals and values are different. I also think we should develop stronger relations with our allies in other countries and cooperate in interests that both countries hold. I believe we should also screen those who come in this country including complete background checks from the originating country thereby allowing our government to access moral character. Being a former United States Marine, I understand the importance of protecting our country for those who value the freedoms our forefathers fought for. I also believe that our country was built on a hard work ethic which through the past 20 years has declined due to the aging babyboomer population. Hopefully as we contnue to heal from the 9-11 attacks we will also become a stronger nation and uphold the same values and traditions we were raised on.

Richard H.