Stopping Terrorism – End the Hate

Since 9/11/2001 the term “terrorism” has gotten more attention in the United States and around the world than ever before. Just about everyone has a different idea on how to best prevent terrorist attacks, and while many of them may be successful at stopping individual attacks few of them do anything to address the long term threat of terrorism. To stop terrorism in the long run it is critical to begin the process of removing the hate from the hearts of terrorists.

This is not something that will happen overnight of course. Imagine for a moment if someone killed your son or daughter, mother or father or any of your loved ones. Even if it was an accident it would be difficult to forgive that person very quickly. Add into that a group of fanatics who are constantly telling you that you should hate and even kill the person who killed your loved one and it would be virtually impossible.

By ending the wars in the Middle East and focusing on building a better relationship with the people in the Middle East it will be possible to end the threat of terrorism within a generation since the children of today will have little reason to hate if we are not killing their loved ones. This will, of course, be difficult because those in the Middle East have also hurt and killed many people around the world, but continuing the circle of hatred is only going to result in continued terrorism. Steps will still need to be taken to help prevent individual attacks for the foreseeable future, but for a problem such as terrorism it is critical to have both long and short term plans.

Matt S.