Combating Terrorism

There’s a solution for any problem, a positive answer for every question. Terrorism does have it’s resolution both in pro-active and also reactive steps. Pro-active measures happen to be preventive when reactive actions restrictive procedures. Pro-active measures are less costly , while reactive actions will set you back. In order to control terrorism nowadays, humankind must be a lot more pro-active rather than reactive. Prevention is better than treatment, isn’t it?

Probably the most efficient preventive methods for stopping terrorism can be committing to enlightenment. Almost all times, human race disregards this aspect as an approach to help managing conflicts and so they turn to same terrorism weapons of mass destruction. However this is huge ignorance.

Ignorance isn’t the lack of knowledge yet lack of positive as well as quality expertise. Terrorist people and communities tend to be educated at some level however their behavior expose their ignorance regarding good and quality information.

Society requires a fresh educational principle to get over terrorism. We might be unable to modify this mindset of those that are now poisoneded with the terrorist philosophy however via quality education and learning, we are able to impact and transform younger generation on the way to better living in the future of this era. “Enlighten your youths” may be the motto for a long term option to combat terrorism. If only everything what’s spent in creation of weapons of mass destruction and also the troops deployment worldwide as an approach for the overcome of terrorism could be invested in propagating the idea of good quality schooling! In my opinion a lot would be accomplished towards control this hazard of terrorism.

It would be perfect for every single country to develop legal laws and regulations, embracing constitutions of government authorities and also judicial views that eliminate any kind of terrorist activities in addition to the distribution of terrorist philosophy. Each and every contemporary society with no legislation against terrorism is going to undoubtedly end up being the reproduction soil for those sorts of terrorist philosophy and activity. Terrorism grows inside nations that supply secure environment for their activities. When each country of the civilized world will put in force regulations to prevent terrorism, perhaps terrorism will quickly become historical past.

Terrorism could be eliminated in case information sharing amongst people as well as their authorities and also in between countries of the global community works well. Intelligence sharing works by way of the availability of required data by concern people, intelligence services and also concern groups relating to terrorist plans and actions earlier than they’re completed. To prevent terrorist violence, intelligence sharing between countries of worldwide society should be productive and successful. That is definitely a good preventive also known as pro-active solution to terrorism.

Jonatnan M.