How To Combat Terrorism

Terrorism is used by extremist to scare the public into meeting their demands. These terrorist believe that if they can cause some sort of panic that they can force people to fear them and in turn, have power over them. Their tactics are generally extremely violent and they will do whatever is necessary to strike fear into the hearts of those they deem to be their enemy. What can be done to combat terrorist? Is there any way that we can keep ourselves safe from these extremist?

Combating terrorism is no easy task and it is something that can not be done over night. It will be a long struggle that could be quite dangerous. One of the first things to do is to find out all of the methods that these terrorists use and understand their strategies. How do they attack us? In what ways have they been most successful? If we can find out all of the ways they may attack, it will be much easier to set up defenses and stop them before they harm any innocent people.

Once you know where they will attack, you can begin setting up procedures to stop them. One of the most obvious rules is to simply have security scout the area for anything unusual. At an airport, for example, security guards should be constantly patrolling the area and if they notice anything strange, they should check it out. There should be some sort of system to check bags for harmful items and of course a metal detector. Some sort of smaller system should be placed in any type of area that terrorist are known to attack, not just airports. It should not have to be as extensive as airport security, but there should be a scanner that checks for explosives or harmful items.

One of the greatest tools that can be used to combat terrorism is to simply get citizens involved and make sure they understand how important it is to report anything that is out of place. This is especially true at airports because they have been successful before and many other terrorist attempts have been stopped. Having the citizens get involved is one of the most powerful ways to combat terrorism. It can give the authorities thousands of eyes and ears to watch for suspicious behavior.

Terrorism is something that can be stopped. When an terrible act occurs, it is important that the act does not go unpunished. If the terrorist believe that they can successfully attack us and escape without harm, they will become more bold and dangerous. It is important to stop them quickly. It can be done as long as everyone comes together and does their part to ensure the country’s safety.

Leanne B.