Developing civic society to combat terrorism

There is no denying the fact that terrorism is number one issue and problem in many countries across the globe. The need to examine and understand the ideas driving modern terrorism, the transmission of those ideas, and the doctrinal schisms within violent movements is most important before combating and eliminating terrorism forever or for at least some time.

While blaming and fighting many terrorist groups and networks may be justified, it is also important to justify whether the actions taken by some countries are right or wrong that have been enraging millions of people from all over the world. It is most important to try to look into the causes of terrorism in the first place; the roots of terrorism need to be addressed first before attempting to fight terrorism. Unfortunately, the world is suffering immensely because of the lack in commitment to look into the causes of the problems responsible for enraging people who are carrying out terrorist activities. Also, there are countries which are trying to justify their actions by resorting to terrorism to combat terrorism. It is well-known to the world how some countries are actions of terrorist groups and some countries that

Developing civic society, improving community relations, empowering women, and practising tolerance are the keys in combating terrorism. It is important to negotiate with existing militants if they are using terrorism for a cause that is being supported by millions, even if that cause is wrong-headed or misdirected. Understanding the ideological underpinnings of violent groups is crucial to countering and defeating terrorist entities. Small steps can make a huge difference. For instance, to improve community relations in all the countries governments and civic societies should work shoulders to shoulders globally. Every diplomatic mission should make convincing Muslims that the West is not an aggressor a priority.

Jimmy P.